St. Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar came together to bid farewell to the outgoing class XII batch, marking a significant milestone in their educational journey. The day unfolded as a celebration of the cherished years spent together, filled with fond memories shared among friends and teachers.
The event commenced with the ceremonial garlanding of Lord Ganesha, symbolizing auspicious beginnings, followed by the lighting of lamps to invoke blessings for the departing seniors. Amidst an atmosphere brimming with nostalgia, the juniors extended a heartfelt welcome to the senior students and the school management.
The juniors expressed their gratitude for the guidance and companionship shared over the years in eloquent and poetic expressions, assuring their seniors that the school will always remain a welcoming haven for them.
A highlight of the event was a captivating dance performance by the talented class XI students, which garnered thunderous applause from all present. Amidst the celebrations, the titles of Edmundite of the Year and Best in Academics were conferred upon deserving individuals.
Samiya Khan named Edmundite of the Year, with Mauli Jain excelling in Science, Heer Puruswani in Commerce, and Aparna Jha in Humanities. Kritika Mahendru and Nishant Bhatia crowned Ms. and Mr. Farewell. Neha Parashar recognized for Best in Co-curriculars, Honi Arora for Sports, Zunaira Khanam and Purab Nainani for Discipline, and Samiya Mittal for Highest Attendance. Palak Agarwal hailed as Versatile Personality, Vinayak Bharadwaj as Maestro, and Kanak Sevkani for Technovation, with Anuj Sharma and Kaustubh Sharma honored alongside.
Addressing the gathering, School Director Dr Sudhir Kumar Singh & Principal Mrs. Anu Bhatia encouraged the students to face the challenges ahead with confidence and determination. They imparted their blessings and well wishes for the future endeavors of the outgoing batch, urging them to strive for excellence in all their pursuits.

The much-awaited Shri Ranbir Singh Memorial Sports Meet of St Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar brimmed the ground of SMS Stadium Jaipur on the 23rd of December. The event promises a day filled with athleticism, sportsmanship, and celebration of the spirit of sports.
The chief guest for the occasion is none other than Shri Gopal Saini, a distinguished gold medalist at the Asian Games, Arjuna Awardee, and an Olympic player. The Guest of Honor for the day is Shri Rajat Chauhan, whose achievements in the sporting arena have earned him respect and admiration. They took the salute during the impressive march past of the students. The air resonated with stirring marching music performed by the school band, adding a patriotic fervor to the atmosphere.
The students showcased an outstanding performance in Taekwondo, displaying exceptional skill, precision, and a commendable spirit of discipline.
The schedule for the day includes an exciting lineup of events, showcasing the diverse talents of the students across different age groups. In the pre-primary category, Rudransh Mahala claimed first place in the Nursery Santa Race, with Aarush Dhankar securing second and Keshav Yadav coming in third. In JKG's Feed the Animals Race, Priyansh Sharma clinched first, followed by Zainab in second and Alisha in third. The S KG Balance Race saw Rudransh securing second place, Jigyanshu in third, and Aditya Malik in a commendable third position.
Mustaqueem and Suhana secured the first prize in the car race for Classes I & II, while Adnan and Pehal Jaiswal dominated the Balance Race for Classes III-V. Tanishq Vijay and Sneha Kanwar excelled in Rope Skipping for Classes VI-VIII, and Shaurya House emerged victorious in the Relay Race for Classes IX-XII. Veer House claimed the Overall Trophy, showcasing their collective prowess in the Shri Ranbir Singh Memorial Sports Meet 2023.
The school young achievers were awarded & were applauded for their talent & their unmatched potential in the sports field. The sports meet concluded with a vote of thanks and singing of National Anthem.

St. Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar, recently hosted a spectacular inter-school dance competition, "Rockin Retro," showcasing the incredible dancing talents of students from various schools. The event was a vibrant display of creativity and enthusiasm as students adorned themselves in retro-themed attire, transporting the audience back in time.
The competition was graced by notable personalities, with the chief guest being Chitra Jangid, a renowned dance choreographer. Chitra Jangid is a President Awarded, Multi-talented Artist, known for her expertise in Kathak, acting, teaching, and mentoring. She serves as the Director of Chitra’s Institute of Dance & Performing Arts, guiding and inspiring budding artists in the realm of performing arts.Her presence added a touch of glamour to the event, inspiring the young participants to pursue their passion for dance with dedication.
The competition witnessed energetic and captivating performances from participating schools, including Rise & Run, Campus Nursery School, Orkid International School,and Million Miracle. The stage came alive with the dynamic moves and stylish costumes of the young dancers, making it a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

Celebrating the essence of the event, organizers underscored that beyond commendable positions, the true triumph was in the joy of participation and the invaluable experience gained by all students involved. Rise & Run seized the spotlight, claiming the top spot with their electrifying performance. St. Edmund's Nursery School, Jawahar Nagar, gracefully secured the second position, showcasing exceptional dance skills. The third position was skillfully earned by the talented performers from Million Miracle, contributing to the overall excitement and camaraderie of the event.
The Associate Deputy Director & Associate Joint Director Mr Ishaan Singh & Mrs. Mansi Singh, expressed their pride in providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and build confidence through such events.

In a celebration of knowledge and culture, St Edmund's School , Jawahar Nagar has earned prestigious recognition at the Jaipur History Festival 2023. This year's theme, 'Education Through Monuments,' brought together over 1500 students from 17 Jaipur schools and an additional 22 schools from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Varanasi, and Hyderabad.
The festival served as an exuberant showcase of talent and cultural performances, creating a melting pot of young minds in a cultural extravaganza that transcended geographical boundaries. A notable highlight of the event was the launch of a comprehensive manual on Ayurveda under the expert guidance School Director Dr. Sudhir Kumar Singh. St Edmund's School takes immense pride in the recognition of its music composition as the ICON of the Jaipur History Festival. This acknowledgment at a prestigious level not only underscores the talent and commitment of the students but also highlights the institution's dedication to a comprehensive educational approach. Furthermore, the project, 'Education Through Monuments,' showcased the school's students collaboratively developing a captivating RAP on Jaipur's famous monuments, symbolizing gratitude to mentors from the Ministry of Education (MOE). Additionally, the unveiling of pocket books crafted by the children received notable appreciation. The fest also featured an engaging board game on Jantar Mantar, adding an intriguing dimension to the overall event.

In a dedicated effort to prioritize the safety and well-being of its students, St Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar, joined hands with Sparsh to organize an insightful workshop on "Good Touch & Bad Touch." The workshop, conducted by the esteemed Mr. Naveen Jain, IAS Secretary Education Department, Jaipur, School Shiksha Vibhag, Rajasthan, aimed to educate and empower approximately 500 students on the crucial subject of child safety.
Mr. Naveen Jain, renowned for his contributions to administrative services, brought his expertise to the forefront as he engaged with the students, imparting valuable knowledge on recognizing and addressing good touch and bad touch scenarios. The workshop served as an interactive platform, encouraging open discussions to ensure that students felt comfortable addressing concerns related to their well-being.
The engaging and informative sessions provided practical insights into personal boundaries, fostering an environment where students felt equipped to protect themselves and their peers.
The School Director Dr Sudhir Kumar Singh emphasized "The safety and security of our students are paramount. By organizing workshops like these, we aim to create awareness and equip our students with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the complexities of the world around them."