The school is the platform for development both mental and physical. The thrust of academic excellence lies in building a strong base in co-curricular activities. In today's stressful world, the students have to work really hard to prove their aptitude.Co-curricular activities assist in the overall enrichment of students relieving them from mental stress and helping them stay physically fit.

The school imparts classes from Experts in various fields like Art, Music, Theater, sports and even Foreign languages. It allows the students to demonstrate better communicative, cognitive, self managing and academic skills. It also allows the students develop skills for competency, value orientation, leadership, teamwork etc and they all play an important role in determining the success of a student.

The school organizes activities like Science Exhibition and Commerce Day where students showcase their talents in the respective fields. Apart from that various extempores, debates and dance competitions are organised which help them display their potential.

The school assures participation of each and every student in activities of their interest because we believe that it helps in building good and responsible citizens of future.