Mrs Puneet Soni(PRO), Mrs Priya Panjwani Malhotra(TGT social science) and Dr Rageshwari Paniya (PGT biology) from St Edmunds school, Jawahar Nagar participated in the teacher exchange program in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. There, they visited Emiliyan Stanev school to meet the school’s deputies, strengthening the relationship between St. Edmund’s and the Bulgarian school. Their visit lasted a week, during which time they learnt about Bulgaria’s unique culture and heritage and enjoyed exploring the city. Among other sites, the St Edmund’s staff also explored the biggest church in Veliko Tarnovo, The Tryanva Dryanovski Manastir and a wax museum.

During their visit to Bulgaria, the teachers from St Edmund’s discussed the education systems of Bulgaria and India with their Bulgarian counterparts. They delivered lessons on Rajasthan and its rich culture, the Indian economy, food production & sources of energy. The students showed a keen interest in learning more about India. They thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of the school and its management.
St Edmund’s hope that the exchange will contribute to a strong partnership with Emiliyan Stanev school.

On 17th October 2019, as a part of the exchange programme, the Scottish Students along with their teachers visited St. Edmunds School, Jawahar Nagar. The guests were welcomed in a pure Indian way with our traditions which included applying Tikas on their forehead and making them wear the flower garlands.

The students learned the methods of Indian education closely, while the team of teachers of Wellington School also went to the children's class and discussed with the students about the education system and culture of their country.

As a part of extracurricular activities, they also showed their talent of dancing along with the Bollywood songs in the Dance room and few of them also expressed their artistic abilities in the Art Lab where they were able to learn new techniques of painting with the help of our teachers.

St. Edmunds School has been working continuously for the many years towards the all-round development of students by sharing with each other's cultures and teaching methods under the exchange program with schools from countries like Scotland, France, Bulgaria etc.

Wellington School student Sophie, Meera, Ellie expressed her happiness after the school visit and said that every moment spent with the children of the school was excited and full of knowledge for us. We not only got a chance to learn a lot in the field of education as well as the opportunity to get to know the cultural heritage of Rajasthan very well through the Heritage Club.
The joint director of the school, Dr Pooja Singh and Principal Anu Bhatia, thanked Wellington School Principal Simon Johnson, International Coordinator Susan M Coontz and the team of students for coming to the school and sharing the cultural heritage.
Hopefully, such visits keep on happening often so that the delegates and children get the opportunity not only to strengthen their friendly bonds but to also learn about the rich culture and heritage of each other’s countries.

St. Edmunds School, Jawahar Nagar has been actively participating in international projects. School Principal Mrs Anu Bhatia has attended an international Conference "UCAPE" hosted by Wellington School, Ayr Scotland. More than 80 delegates from different countries have participated in this conference. The main objective was to learn, share and collaborate with each other's perspective and to exchange the project ideas. It has been a wonderful platform for developing links regarding international exchange. This would help St. Edmunds to set its own paradigm at an international level.

Students of St' Edmund's School Jawahar Nagar, got selected in CBSE Nationals, Mohit Verma, class 12 and Naman Sharma, class 11 for winning a Gold and a bronze medal respectively in U-19 CBSE Clusters West Zone Boxing championship.
The school's joint director Dr Pooja Singh and Principal Mrs Anu Bhatia congratulated Students for this magnificent achievement.

To support the cleanliness campaign, students of St. Edmunds School, Jawahar Nagar have volunteered a swachhta project in collaboration with "Contree" an organisation run by youth. Under this initiative, a team of more than 50 students have done the cleaning in Dushera maidan, Jaipur. This enthusiastic participation has helped them to contribute in swachhta abhiyaan and to become an aware citizen.