In a celebration of cultural exchange and educational collaboration, St. Edmund's School ,Jawahar Nagar was honored to host a delegation from Scotland led by Ms. Susane and Mr. Alistair, accompanied by a group of enthusiastic students and two esteemed teachers. The visit coincided with the school's Foundation Day, making it a truly memorable occasion for everyone involved.
The Scottish delegates received a warm welcome from the students of St. Edmund's School upon their arrival. Excitement filled the air as the delegates and students interacted, sharing stories, experiences, and engaging in lively conversations. This exchange of ideas and perspectives set the stage for a meaningful cultural exchange that would unfold over the following days.
On the first day of their visit, the delegates and the students from St. Edmund's School made their way to the Government Rajkiya Madhyamik Sanskrit School, which has been adopted by St. Edmund's as part of their commitment to social responsibility. The delegates were deeply moved by the warmth and enthusiasm displayed by the students at the adopted school. They had the opportunity to interact with the students and witness their progress in various academic and extracurricular activities.
Afterwards, the delegation visited a local Blue Pottery studio, where they were introduced to the traditional art form of Rajasthan. They marveled at the intricate designs and craftsmanship displayed by the local artisans, gaining a deeper appreciation for the rich heritage of Indian art.
The following day commenced with a rejuvenating yoga session, where the Scottish delegates and St. Edmund's students embraced the benefits of this ancient practice, finding serenity and harmony in their movements. Later, they took part in a vibrant tie and dye session, unleashing their creativity and learning the techniques of this colorful art form.
As the day progressed, the school echoed with the sounds of joyous dance, as students from both St. Edmund's and the visiting delegation showcased their talents on the dance floor. The rhythmic beats and graceful movements left everyone enthralled, celebrating the power of music and dance to unite people across cultures.
On the final day of their visit, the Scottish delegates actively participated in a Model United Nations (MUN) conference organized by St. Edmund's School. They showcased their oratory skills, critical thinking abilities, and diplomatic acumen as they deliberated upon global issues and proposed solutions, inspiring the students to become global citizens and work towards a better future.
The visit of the Scottish delegates to St. Edmund's School concluded on a high note, leaving behind cherished memories and strengthening the bonds of friendship and cultural understanding.
St. Edmund's School extends its heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Susane, Mr. Alistair, the accompanying teachers, and the Scottish delegation for their visit, fostering a spirit of collaboration, exchange, and cultural appreciation. The school looks forward to continuing such endeavors, inspiring students to become global ambassadors of peace and understanding.

St. Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar, celebrated its Foundation Day and the birthday of its esteemed School Director, Dr. Sudhir Singh, in a grand manner. The school organized a special assembly on this momentous occasion, with the presence of esteemed Scottish delegates from Wellington School ,Ayr Ms. Susane and Mr. Alistair, who were accompanied by students and two teachers from Scotland.

During the assembly, the Scottish delegates extended their warm wishes to Dr. Sudhir Singh on Guru Poornima, acknowledging his invaluable contributions to the institution. Dr. Sudhir Singh expressed his excitement and gratitude, announcing significant improvements within the school. He revealed that all classrooms have been equipped with central air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable and favorable learning atmosphere for the students. Additionally, the school's library has been updated, offering an extensive collection of books and resources. Furthermore, art and music activities have been enhanced, fostering creativity and self-expression among the students. As part of their commitment to holistic development, St Edmund's School has also established a captivating new play area, providing an attractive ambience for recreation and physical development. Furthermore, the integration of new learning technologies promises to enhance educational experiences and empower students with modern tools for exploration and growth.

The upgrades implemented by St Edmund's School aim to provide an enhanced educational experience and create an environment that nurtures the holistic development of each child. The Foundation Day celebrations and Dr. Sudhir Singh's birthday marked a memorable milestone for the school, signifying its commitment to continuous growth and progress.

St Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar congratulate the achievers for their spectacular performance in X Class Board examination. We are proud to announce that Ridham Badaya scored 91.8%, Piyush Sharma 91.6%, Dev Tinker 91.6% and Vansh Minglani scored 91.4% marks. We appreciate all the students for their dedication & hard work.We appreciate the efforts of students, teachers and parents for this commendable success.

We congratulate all the achievers for their exceptional performance and wish them success in all their future endeavors. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the parents for their constant support and encouragement. We look forward to continuing this journey of excellence with our students and helping them realize their full potential.

St Edmund’s School , Jawahar Nagar is proud to announce that 70 % students scored more than 90% marks in XII Board exams.
In Science Stream Devanshi Khandelwal scored 94.4, Karan Gera 92,Somesh Goel 90.2
In Commerce Stream Chanchal Gabrani scored 94.4,Kanika Khandelwal 94.2,Anushka Arora 91.2.
In Humanities Adhyatm Jagdhari scored 95.2,Annuprerna 90.4,Aliza Ali 89.
We appreciate the efforts of students, teachers and parents for this commendable success.

School Joint Director Dr Pooja Singh and Principal Mrs Anu Bhatia said this result is an outcome of continuous practice, smart studying strategies and staff involvement and guidance.

Congratulations! Parents for their cooperation, Staff members for their dedication and worthy students for their Hard work.

St. Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar in collaboration with World Animal Protection India and the Rang Mastaaney group, organized a public awareness session on the cruelty of elephant rides in the tourism industry.
The session aimed to educate the students on responsible tourism practices and the importance of treating animals with respect and dignity. The organizers highlighted the inhumane treatment of elephants in the tourism industry and urged students to make informed decisions when it comes to supporting such practices.
The students were engaged in interactive sessions, group discussions, and audio-visual presentations that helped to drive home the message of animal welfare and responsible tourism.
The event inspired all students to take action towards creating a better and more compassionate world for all beings.