Students of St' Edmund's School Jawahar Nagar, got selected in CBSE Nationals, Mohit Verma, class 12 and Naman Sharma, class 11 for winning a Gold and a bronze medal respectively in U-19 CBSE Clusters West Zone Boxing championship.
The school's joint director Dr Pooja Singh and Principal Mrs Anu Bhatia congratulated Students for this magnificent achievement.

To support the cleanliness campaign, students of St. Edmunds School, Jawahar Nagar have volunteered a swachhta project in collaboration with "Contree" an organisation run by youth. Under this initiative, a team of more than 50 students have done the cleaning in Dushera maidan, Jaipur. This enthusiastic participation has helped them to contribute in swachhta abhiyaan and to become an aware citizen.

The students from grade 5 to 12th were taken on an educational trip to SARISKA - PANDUPOLE. In the cradle of nature, the children delved into the vastness of its beauty and gifts. they enjoyed a lot and also learned about the places. Sariska National Park is a tiger reserve in Alwar district. It stretches over an area of 866 km2 comprising scrub-thorn arid forests, dry deciduous forests, grasslands, and rocky hills whereas Pandupole has an ancient mythical connotation attached to it. Pandupole was the ancient site where the strongest among the Pandavas, Bhima, vanquished the giant demon Hidimbb and in return for this victory earned the hand of his sister, Hidimba. the students experienced that some adventures are a great deal of learning and loads of fond memories are what they returned with...

The students of Pre-primary dressed up in various characters of Ramayan to celebrate the Dussehra through Jhanki. The primary objective of the entire show was to convince the students that no matter how intelligent a person is, his pride will be the reason for his collapse. They were informed that Ravana was basically very intelligent. His knowledge was equal to the knowledge of ten heads. His ten heads are symbolic of his great wisdom. They were intimated how his single mistake overpowered and nullified his entire wisdom. So ultimately the students were told to be genuine in their doings.

The students visited N.H Goel school, Raipur in an Exchange program on Dravyati River and Mahanadi where the students learned about the Dravyati River which is known as Amanishah Nallah whereas Mahanadi is a major river in East Central India. The exchange program was successful and the Students closely observed the dynamics of the Project and discussed with the team.