St. Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar hosted a remarkable exhibition under the overarching theme of "Sustainable and Creative Technology," that showcased the brilliance and innovation of its students. The event provided a platform for young minds to present their diverse range of projects, research, and artistic pursuits, allowing them to share their accomplishments with peers, parents, and the broader school community.
The exhibition was a testament to the school's dedication to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and experiential learning. The showcase featured an array of captivating displays, including static models, working models, charts, and live presentations in the much-anticipated Creativity Corner.
Visitors were captivated by the intricate static models meticulously crafted by students, which offered insights into a variety of subjects. These miniature marvels brought concepts to life and demonstrated the depth of knowledge and understanding gained by the students.
The working models on display were a testament to the students' hands-on skills and innovative thinking. These functional creations not only highlighted scientific principles but also underscored the practical application of theoretical knowledge.
The charts exhibited at the event provided a visually engaging means of presenting information and research findings. Through colorful graphics and concise explanations, students effectively communicated complex ideas to a wide audience.
One of the event's highlights was the Live Presentation and Creativity Corner, where students took the stage to demonstrate their talents and creativity. This interactive segment showcased a variety of performances, artistic displays, and creative endeavors that left the audience both entertained and inspired.
The exhibition was graced by esteemed guests, including the Chief Guest, Honorable Rajendra Kumar Sharma, District Education Officer (DEO), who applauded the students' dedication and hard work. The Guest of Honor, Mr. Vishal Gandhi, Principal Architect and Director at VY Architects, praised the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of making a meaningful impact on society.
Joint Director Dr Pooja Singh & Principal Mrs Anu Bhatia expressed pride in the students' accomplishments, emphasizing the importance of such platforms in honing their skills and boosting their confidence.

In a momentous occasion, St. Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar, conducted its oath ceremony for the newly elected Student Council for the academic year.
The ceremony commenced with an introductory note, introducing the newly appointed Head Members, Hashir Irfan and Preya Sharma, who will be leading the council. They were joined by the Lead Members, Dhruv Basera, Harsh Sharma, Zunaira Khanam, Samiya Khan, Palak Agarwal, Mohd. Hasan Ahmad, Kratika Toliya, Prashika Khandelwal, Neha Parashar, Heer Purswani, Piyush Khatri, Nishant Bhatia, Gaurav Kumar, Kashish Meena, Purav Nainani.
Following the introductions, the student council members pledged their commitment to serve the school and its students with utmost dedication and integrity. The Principal, Mrs. Anu Bhatia, expressed her confidence in the newly elected council and encouraged them to strive for excellence, fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.
Dr. Pooja Singh, the Joint Director, delivered an inspiring speech, motivating the young leaders to embrace challenges, exhibit exemplary leadership, and be the catalysts of positive change.
The ceremony concluded with high spirits and enthusiasm as the student council took the oath to uphold their responsibilities with passion and diligence. St. Edmund's School anticipates an exceptional academic year under the guidance of this dynamic student council.

In a remarkable feat, Srishti Patel,Class V of St. Edmund's School,Jawahar Nagar has emerged as the winner of the prestigious Van Mahotsav Quiz organized by Heritage Education & Communication Services INTACH. Srishti's outstanding knowledge and passion for environmental conservation led her to secure the coveted 1st position in this highly competitive event.

The Van Mahotsav Quiz, held annually, aims to promote awareness about the importance of forests, biodiversity, and sustainable practices among students. The quiz witnessed enthusiastic participation from schools across the city, making Srishti's triumph all the more impressive.

With her exceptional grasp of environmental issues and dedication to preserving nature, Srishti Patel showcased her academic prowess and love for the environment throughout the competition. Her insightful answers and in-depth understanding of various ecological concepts captivated the judges and fellow participants alike.
Principal Mrs. Anu Bhatia lauded Srishti Patel's remarkable achievement in the Van Mahotsav Quiz, recognizing her as a source of pride and motivation for the school.

In a bid to empower educators with the latest teaching methodologies and enhance learning outcomes, St. Edmunds School,Jawahar Nagar hosted a highly informative and enriching Capacity Building Programme organized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The event witnessed the participation of esteemed resource persons, Ms. Rita Bhargava, Principal of Maheshwari Public School (Pratap Nagar), and Ms. Riju Shrivastava, Post Graduate Teacher at Delhi Public School.
The programme aimed to provide educators from various schools across the region with valuable insights and practical strategies to improve student learning experiences. Ms. Rita Bhargava, shared her profound knowledge and expertise as she addressed the gathering. She emphasized the importance of fostering a student-centric approach and adopting innovative pedagogies to create a conducive learning environment. Her engaging session left a lasting impact on all the attendees.
Equally inspiring was Ms. Riju Shrivastava's contribution to the event. As a seasoned educator at one of Delhi's prominent educational institutions, she showcased exemplary teaching practices that can be implemented in classrooms to make the learning process more interactive and enjoyable. Her session highlighted the significance of incorporating technology and creative methods into teaching to cater to the diverse needs of learners.
Participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, group discussions, and hands-on activities, which provided practical insights into the implementation of the discussed methodologies. The educators were exposed to modern teaching tools and techniques that can be utilized to assess and track student progress effectively.
Ms. Anu Bhatia, Principal of St. Edmunds School, expressed her gratitude to the CBSE for organizing such an enlightening programme. She stated, "The Capacity Building Programme has been a tremendous learning experience for our faculty. We believe that continuous professional development is vital in elevating the quality of education we offer to our students. The knowledge and skills imparted by Ms. Rita Bhargava and Ms. Riju Shrivastava will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our teaching practices."

St. Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar students embarked on an enriching journey of learning and skill development during their summer vacations as they participated in the prestigious internship program at JECRC University. The program provided them with an exceptional platform to explore various domains such as graphic designing, multimedia, digital marketing & entrepreneurship.

The internship at JECRC University not only allowed the students to broaden their horizons but also presented them with an opportunity to lay the foundation for their future start-up ventures. Recognizing the immense potential of the students, the university has pledged to provide funding for their entrepreneurial pursuits, creating a promising pathway towards success.

18 students from St. Edmund's School participated in the internship program at JECRC University. Each student successfully completed the program and received certificates recognizing their dedication and achievement. Lakshita Bhatia and Nishant Bhatia, two talented students,were recognized for their exceptional performance by winning a remarkable cash prize of ₹50,000 during the internship. Their dedication, creativity, and commitment to excellence have set an exemplary benchmark for peers and garnered well-deserved accolades.

The senior students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to to Mr. Kapil Singh, the Deputy Director of the school for his unwavering commitment to their growth and development & for offering such a valuable opportunity. They acknowledged that the exposure gained through the internship program would significantly contribute to their career development and open doors to exciting possibilities in the professional world.