St. Edmund's School, known for its commitment to sustainability and educational excellence, has once again clinched the prestigious Green School Award and Sterling Award from the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). This marks the school's seventh consecutive year of receiving these accolades, showcasing its unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship.
The Green School Award, conferred by the CSE, is a testament to St. Edmund's School's exemplary efforts in promoting environmental sustainability within its campus and beyond. From implementing eco-friendly practices to fostering environmental awareness among students, the school has been at the forefront of the green movement in the education sector.
This dual recognition highlights the school's comprehensive approach to education, which prioritizes both academic achievement and environmental responsibility.
"We are immensely proud to receive the Green School and Sterling Awards from the Centre for Science and Environment for the seventh consecutive year," remarked Mrs Anu Bhatia, Principal of St. Edmund's School. "These accolades reaffirm our commitment to providing our students with a holistic education that instills values of sustainability, responsibility, and excellence."