St.Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar recently organized a comprehensive Capacity Building Programme focused on Stress Management. The event witnessed active participation from around 60 educators who eagerly gathered to enhance their skills in handling stress and fostering a healthier work-life balance.
The distinguished resource persons for the programme were Ms. Meenu Munjal, Head of the English Department at Maheshwari Public School, Jaipur, and Ms. Neeti Bhatia, Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) in Economics. Both speakers brought a wealth of experience and expertise to guide the teachers through effective stress management strategies.
Ms. Meenu Munjal, with her extensive background in education and leadership, addressed the audience on the importance of recognizing and managing stress in the teaching profession. She shared practical tips and techniques to cope with the demands of a dynamic academic environment.
Ms. Neeti Bhatia, professional in the field of economics, delved into the specific stressors faced by educators and provided insights into maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Her session emphasized the significance of self-care and adopting mindfulness practices to navigate the challenges of the teaching profession. Attendees actively participated in interactive sessions, sharing experiences and learning from each other's strategies for stress management.