In a celebration of knowledge and culture, St Edmund's School , Jawahar Nagar has earned prestigious recognition at the Jaipur History Festival 2023. This year's theme, 'Education Through Monuments,' brought together over 1500 students from 17 Jaipur schools and an additional 22 schools from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Varanasi, and Hyderabad.
The festival served as an exuberant showcase of talent and cultural performances, creating a melting pot of young minds in a cultural extravaganza that transcended geographical boundaries. A notable highlight of the event was the launch of a comprehensive manual on Ayurveda under the expert guidance School Director Dr. Sudhir Kumar Singh. St Edmund's School takes immense pride in the recognition of its music composition as the ICON of the Jaipur History Festival. This acknowledgment at a prestigious level not only underscores the talent and commitment of the students but also highlights the institution's dedication to a comprehensive educational approach. Furthermore, the project, 'Education Through Monuments,' showcased the school's students collaboratively developing a captivating RAP on Jaipur's famous monuments, symbolizing gratitude to mentors from the Ministry of Education (MOE). Additionally, the unveiling of pocket books crafted by the children received notable appreciation. The fest also featured an engaging board game on Jantar Mantar, adding an intriguing dimension to the overall event.