The vibrant and energetic pre-primary students of St. Edmund's School , Jawahar Nagar took center stage, captivating the audience with their adorable recitations on the theme of "Fruits and Vegetables."
The event, was a colorful affair as the tiny tots dressed up as their favorite fruits and vegetables, brought the theme to life. The competition aimed not only to enhance the children's linguistic skills but also to create awareness about the importance of a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

The young participants displayed remarkable confidence and stage presence as they recited poems, rhymes, and short speeches related to a variety of fruits and vegetables. From the allure of apples to the vibrancy of broccoli and the sweetness of grapes, each performance highlighted the distinctive characteristics and benefits of these natural wonders.
As the competition came to an end, the judges faced the challenging task of selecting winners from among the talented bunch. While each participant exhibited remarkable effort, a few stood out for their exceptional performances. Prizes were awarded for creativity, pronunciation, and overall presentation. Many parents mentioned that this event was a wonderful platform for their children to develop self-confidence and public speaking abilities from an early age.

The Associate Joint director of St. Edmund's School, Mrs Mansi Singh applauded the efforts of the young performers and thanked the teachers and parents for their support. She emphasized the importance of such extracurricular activities in shaping the holistic development of the students.