In a momentous occasion, St. Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar, conducted its oath ceremony for the newly elected Student Council for the academic year.
The ceremony commenced with an introductory note, introducing the newly appointed Head Members, Hashir Irfan and Preya Sharma, who will be leading the council. They were joined by the Lead Members, Dhruv Basera, Harsh Sharma, Zunaira Khanam, Samiya Khan, Palak Agarwal, Mohd. Hasan Ahmad, Kratika Toliya, Prashika Khandelwal, Neha Parashar, Heer Purswani, Piyush Khatri, Nishant Bhatia, Gaurav Kumar, Kashish Meena, Purav Nainani.
Following the introductions, the student council members pledged their commitment to serve the school and its students with utmost dedication and integrity. The Principal, Mrs. Anu Bhatia, expressed her confidence in the newly elected council and encouraged them to strive for excellence, fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.
Dr. Pooja Singh, the Joint Director, delivered an inspiring speech, motivating the young leaders to embrace challenges, exhibit exemplary leadership, and be the catalysts of positive change.
The ceremony concluded with high spirits and enthusiasm as the student council took the oath to uphold their responsibilities with passion and diligence. St. Edmund's School anticipates an exceptional academic year under the guidance of this dynamic student council.