Under the Exchange the programme held by British Council member team reach in St. Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur last week on their arrival they were given a warm welcome at school. During their stay the attended various classes to observe the teaching method and also interacted with the students and teachers. The main aim of both the schools is to work successfully on the second project related to Indian Education Philosophy – career options for which they had a conversation with the management and concerned faculties. An open conversation was held between students, teachers and parents to know their views about different career options. They appreciated the students for the creativity which was seen by them in ‘Wall Magazines’ and they also participated in various ‘Club Activities’ which was remarkable. They also visited several factories with Commerce Faculty and also different historical places.

To make this programme more successful on the last day Dr. Mrs. Pooja Singh and Academic Director Mrs. Meena Singh in her speech thanked the delegation and said that we have formal friendship through lots of talking and discussions because of which we have reached a better understanding which is a key of success for our relations. On the last day Director Dr. Sudhir Kumar Singh and Deputy Director Mr. Kapil Singh presented a Memento on the behalf of Edmund’s Family.

No culture can live if its attempts to be exclusive and isolated. It is inevitable and favourable for each country’s growth to be in conjunction with the customs and traditions of other countries. St. Edmund’s School Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur took a stand over this notion and extended a friendship hand to Wellington School, Scotland. Under the ‘Exchange Program held by British Council a three members team reached Wellington School and they were in school from 6 June 13 to 16 June in which Academic Director Mrs. Meena Singh, Deputy Director Mr. Kapil Singh and a teacher Mrs. Anu Bhatia were there. On their arrival they were given a warm welcome at School. During their stay they attended various classes to observe the teaching method and working of school. Team members were enthralled when they came to know that Wellington School had adopted India Education System and other teaching methodologies which proved to be beneficial for the multidimensional growth of students of their school. During their visit, the delegation members also observed that Scotland students are very practical instead of being theoretical. Mostly they depend on pragmatic work and presentations. The main motto of both the schools is to share culture, ideas and education etc for which an open conversation was held between students, teachers and parents. A farewell party was held for outgoing students which can not be forgotten. To make this exchange programme more fruitful on the last day Mrs. Meena Singh in her speech said that we have formed friendship through lots of talking and discussions, we reach a better understanding which is a key of success for our relations. Deputy Director Mr. Kapil Singh on the behalf of St. Edmund’s family gave an invitation to them to visit India and participate in such programmes.

Dance Competition was organised by 'Secretariat Rajasthan Govt'. at Secretariat. 'Ayushi Kaushik' of std.VII got the first position and was awarded by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan & Chief Secretary.

School participated in an Inter-School Debate Competition organized by the Rotary Club on a very recent and current issue of discussion in our country “The status of women in India” to update the knowledge and create awareness among the young generation. About 50 schools actively participated in the competition with great enthusiasm. Anshika Arora and Gunjan Agarwal win the First prize and Trophy for presenting their positive as well as negative views in a very beautiful and informative manner. Dr. Pooja Singh congratulated both the winners, motivated them to participate in such activities in the future, and wish them success in life.

A group of 28 students and 6 Maths teachers visited St. Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar under an Exchange Programme. Students feel highly delighted by the warm traditional welcome organized by the students and teachers of St. Edmund’s.

The group took keen interest in the methods of teaching and was greatly influenced by the class room discipline maintained in the school. They highly appreciated the level of education of Indian students as compared to their level particularly the methods used for teaching Mathematics and truly agreed about the high Indian educational level of the child as compared to foreign countries and foundation of success in every field lies actually in the excellent educational system in India.They also shared their views and analysis of the Indian education system with the teachers and students and also the happiness of accomplishment of their successful Exchange programme.

Administrator Dr. (Mrs.) Pooja Singh showed hearty thanks to the guests as well as to the staff members for their active co-operation and wishes to conduct such more programmes in future.