Fire is undoubtedly the most essential ingredient for cooking. As is recognized by even the latest generation that quite a lot depends on microwaves, cooking on coal, fire or cooking-gas renders a better taste to food.

However, when St. Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar, asked its students if they can or would like to prepare some gastronomical treats for their friends without using heat and fire, the excited students, shouted “Yes!” And thus was organized a school competition for students of Classes 6th and 7th, where the students were pitted against each other to prepare breakfast without fire. The Guest of Honor and judge was Dr. Suchi Sharma, one of the most well-known dieticians of Jaipur, who had a tough time deciding the top three winners. The total time given to each team was 1 hour, wherein the students presented a deliciously healthy breakfast.

The excited students had come up with new ideas for the first meal of the day. The juice inside capsicum, fruit cream, bread baked with fruits, fruit salad topped with grated coconut … they prepared it all . With such a delightful display, it came out clear why the judge faced a tough time deciding the winners! However, she declared Palm House the winners followed by Daisy House and Lily House. While declaring the winners, she talked to students explaining the importance of a healthy diet right. Dr. Pooja Singh, congratulating the winners said that she totally agreed with the Chief Guest and further added that a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it energizes the body right when needed the most. She further repeated John Gunther’s words, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” and congratulated the winners.