Young Indians Jaipur Chapter under project Masoom – Keeping Children Safe reached St. Edmunds School Jawahar Nagar inviting students from various government schools to train them against child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is one of the primary concerns for parents now with mishaps being heard from every corner. Considering the fact that sex education is something that not all parents and teachers are comfortable with, though has a rapidly growing need to, YI Jaipur Chapter, under the leadership of Abhinav Banthia (Chairperson, Jaipur), educated about Good Touch-Bad Touch. Students of 5-10 years of age attended the interactive seminar at St. Edmunds, where YI played some animated videos along with a short movie, Komal, another animated movie based on creating awareness against child sexual abuse. With an executive from Child Helpline present at the seminar, YI also discussed child helpline number at length, creating awareness about the purpose and usage of the helpline. To make it interactive, the team gave pictorial diagrams to the students.

These handouts were more of an exercise test for students. Mr. Ashish Modi, the Team Coordinator with YI, informed us that with 2000 students in presence, they had received a great response at St. Edmunds School, both from the students and also the school. Deputy Director (St. Edmunds, Jawahar Nagar), Mr. Kapil Singh, who also had an active participation with the students, advised them to stay cautious against any sexual harassment and learn self-defense. Along with this, he also thanked Young Indians Jaipur Chapter for helping them raise a voice for the concern. Administrator Dr. Pooja Singh, said, “Every day we read about some or the other kind of abuse and what is more shocking that sometimes these young kids fall prey to these pedophiles, what’s yet more shocking is that they are either related to them or they are their family friends.

According to percentages boys are abused more than girls. Without even understanding the advances towards them they become victims carrying a scar on their soul for their lives. So as personal responsibility and as per CBSE guidelines, we sensitize this young generation about abuses and also tell them the agencies which can help them (God forbid) if they find themselves in any such situation. Like today, in our school, we are showing these kids a short movie on "Good Touch and Bad Touch". We hope that these little efforts might create some difference.”