In this era of Globalization and constantly shrinking boundaries, we at St. Edmund’s strive for inculcating global values amongst our students. We believe in Hindu philosophy of “Vasudev Kutumbakam”. St. Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur gives a lot of emphasis on various opportunities to participate in programs enabling students and teachers to develop relevant skills, acquire knowledge to underpin their current role and career aspirations. Keeping this in mind the school organized an “International Student-Teacher Exchange Program” where a group of students along with Mr. Ishaan Singh (Administrative Officer), Mr. Jai Kishan Rawtani (HOD Physics) and Mrs. Bharti Sharma (PRO) reached France for a period of 8 days starting from 31 May 2015 to 9 June 2015. On their arrival, the students were sent with their designated host families who were waiting for them at the airport. They also witnessed a very warm welcome the very next day at school. During their stay they got the opportunity to attend classes to observe the teaching method and also participate in various co-curricular activities. Our students were enthralled when they came to know that our French counterpart likes the Indian Teaching Methodology and showed keen interest in adopting it. The students during their stay also visited the famous monuments and places of importance like The Eiffel Tower, The Notre Dame Champs Elysees, Galleries Lafayette, and Dominique de Chantilly and not to forget the World Famous DisneyLand. They also witnessed remarkable understanding and bonding between the students of the participating school that transcends every boundary, nationality, language or social environment.

CBSE topper of Class 10 and 12 of session 2015

British Council India awarded St. Edmund’s School Jawahar Nagar with International Schools’ Award (ISA) 2014-17 at an event organized in New Delhi on 4th Dec.2014. The award was handed over to Dr. Pooja Singh (Principal), Mr. Kapil Singh (Deputy Director) and Mrs. Anu Bhatia (ISA co-ordiantor). This award was presented for the excellence shown, in the activities performed by the students and the involvement of students at the global level. The Dossier was appreciated by the assessors for sound action planning and good learning outcome of the planned activities. With the encouragement and support of school management, Dr. Pooja Singh (Principal) initiated the process of strengthening Internationalism in the school & for the same she applied for the International School Award (ISA). Various activities were conducted & co-ordianted by the ISA Co-ordinator Mrs. Anu Bhatia, in collaboration with schools of Scotland & France. A big appreciation for the staff members and the students for this achievement.


St Edmund's School celebrated Children's Day by organizing Edmund's Fete for the students and by the students. The Fete was enjoyed by the students and parents different stalls of games and snacks were the setup. Lucky draw was main attraction and 1st Prize a Dell Laptop was won by Malvika Sharma (XI) 2nd Prize Sony Playstation was won by Maaz Ahmed (VII) 3rd Prize a Tablet computer was won by Divya Rehwani (IX) 4th Prize Mobile was won by Anshu Gupta (VIII). 

Group pf 20 pupils from St Dominique, France and Wellington School, Scotland visited St. Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, INDIA. They stayed with the host families and experienced the rich indian culture. Pupils also took classes at St Edmund's and understood the way of teaching in India. They visited the Taj Mahal and other famous places in and around Jaipur City.