St. Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar, organised “ Journée pédagogique “ an interactive French teacher’s training programme in collaboration with Indo French cultural society, to promote various teaching techniques by using creative methodologies. Various schools from Jaipur sent their French faculties to participate in the programme.
It consisted of four modules, the first module expanded on utilising practical methods like games, activities and charts to enhance thorough learning of the language. It was presented by Ms Balvinder Kaur Bindra(French language expert and international trainer. The second module talked about memorising tough spellings in the foreign language. It was presented by Dr Dolly Setia, ( HOD french at St. Edmunds & lecturer in the University of Rajasthan). The third module expanded on using theatrical aids to further the learning of the language. It was presented by Dr Nidhi Raisinghani(assistant professor at ELLIS Department, University of Rajasthan).The fourth module presented the role of authentic documents in the foreign language.
The pedagogical program was well designed to work on the multiple intelligence of foreign language learners by providing them with different ways of interactive classroom teaching.
The training ended with a fruitful interaction between the représentants of Campus France, the French Embassy and all the participants of the training.