Mr JaiKishan Rawtani from St Edmund’s School was invited to Ayr, Scotland to deliver a lecture on the topic of teaching Physics in India, as part of this year’s Erasmus Project conference.
The Erasmus Project unites educators from across the European Union to discuss pedagogical methods. This year, Physics faculty from schools across Europe, including France, Scotland, Germany, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia, met in Ayr to discuss their teaching methods. Mr. Jai Kishan Rawtani was the only Indian teacher invited to the conference. In his presentation, “Showcasing Indian Physics,” Mr. Rawtani explored how he teaches Physics in India, covering topics such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, Friction, Rotational Body Dynamics and Electronics. It also covered the Indian Aspects of Astrology and Astronomy, and the major differences between Astrology and Astronomy were discussed.
The session was fruitful as it brought an opportunity to connect to other nations and their minds.