St Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar organized a community service programme with a series of cultural and information-disseminating activities for the students of their adopted school RAJKIYA UCH MADHYAMIC SANSKRIT VIDYALAYA, Triveni Nagar, including several kinds of skits, musical performances and public service announcements.

The children performed very well and enjoyed each and every scene. Students were taught about health and hygiene, and sanitary napkins were distributed to the girls of RAJKIYA UCH MADHYAMIC SANSKRIT VIDYALAYA. St. Edmund’s School students taught their adoptive school peers about musical instruments and gave a spectacular performance on the issue “No use of plastic” and “Road safety”. Lessons on manners and etiquette were delivered by Edmundites. In order to make the students more tech-savvy, computer training was also provided.

As St.Edmund’s School is a member of interact club (RCJ), prominent Rotarians Moses Phillamin, Manoj Singh(Secretary) and Mr Sudhir Gupta were also present.
They appreciated the generous attitude of the children and were happy to see Edmundites making all efforts to connect with their peers at the government school.