St. Edmund’s school, Jawahar Nagar and St. Dominique Institute, France organized the cultural exchange programme of 10 days.
The exchange program comprising of 13 students was headed by Mr. Ishaan Singh (Asst.Director) Mr. Jaikishan Rawtani(HOD Physics) and Mrs. Jyoti Badlani (Middle section Coordinator) .
The teachers and students were given a warm welcome by St. Dominique Institute.
Various workshops were organized in schools that had very good impact on students. Students visited Disneyland, Eiffel tower, Galerie Lafayette, Chocolate and perfume factories. Edmundites visited France just before the Christmas Eve so they got engaged in decorating Christmas trees and making gifts for their families. They were engrossed in cake and cookies making activities. The host families had organized Star Gaze night party in order to ameliorate the cultural habits of each other. During their stay they got the opportunity to attend classes to observe the teaching methods and also participate in various co-curricular activities.