An inter-house Poem recitation was organized in St. Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur for Std. I-III. This activity was organized to explore and encourage the speaking skills and confidence in children. It also inspired them to come forward and recite on stage. Students came up with different poems and recited with enthusiasm. The topic given to them was nature and patriotism. The judgment process became extremely difficult for our judges because every participant recited very well.

Niharika Tyagi of Daisy House adjudged the best and secured I position. Tamanna Wadhwa of Tulip House secured II Position and III Position was won by Midha Patel of Palm House.

An Inter House extempore competition was also organized. The competition was open to all the students from Std. IV-VIII. It was an individual activity. One student from each house was selected. Extempore was divided in two categories i.e. in first category Std. IV-V & in second category VI-VIII were included. My favorite Cartoon character, My Country India, Say no to junk food were some of the topic among many more on which students shared their views. Students of Std. VI-VIII spoke on School my second home, Save water, save earth, Plants give life to human beings etc.

The judges were very pleased to see the immense talent and fantastic impromptu speeches of the participants. In first category Tulip and Palm house badged first position and daisy house stood second. In second category from Std. VI-VIII Lily House stood First, second position was badged by Tulip House and Palm House was on third position.

Principal Dr. Pooja Singh congratulated all the participants and said that it is true that effective extempore speaking candidate must be fluent, erudite and articulate but winning is not a matter of fact but participating in any competition plays an important role in every student’s life.