As a part of British Councils connecting classroom teacher exchange programme. Dr. Pooja Singh and Mr. Kapil Singh visited Wellington School, Scotland. The purpose of the visit was not to create a large prescriptive list of activities plans but to give, to share opinions that will help to generate new ideas, stimulate creativity and develop lessons that bring the best of an international dimension to every classroom. Whatever lie, their context resources access to technology and experience. During their stay, they attended various classes to observe the teaching methods and working of the school. They also visited local industries to a better understanding of their economy. The main motto of the schools was to share culture, ideas, teaching methodology. Dr Pooja Singh in her speech said that it is a matter of immense pride and satisfaction for us that the exchange programme have been conducted smoothly and successfully. We hope that we continue to receive the same kind of response and support in the coming times also. Dy. Director Mr. Kapil Singh said that this reciprocal visit was great, a real experience! Also, they visited Rome to attend the French schools meet to take exchange to a new level.