It is well to walk with a cheerful heart wherever our fortunes call. With a friendly glance and an open hand and a gentle word for all. Since life is a thorny and difficult path where toil is the portion of man. We all should endeavor, while passing along to make it as smooth as we can. In today's environment, the secret of long terms competitiveness is the ability of an institution to continuously learn, evolve and grow, to exhibit the excellence at all fronts it is time for us to develop our children into visionaries. But we should remember (if you aim for the stars, look towards the sky but do not forget the path to be traversed upon. According to Swami Vivekanand, "The education is the manifestation of all that already exists in man- for drawing on what is required is a congenial atmosphere, a trust, a faith, a feeling of being at home, not a strict cave, rude and snobbish behavior in the name of discipline", and at St. Edmund’s we are trying to follow the same.

Dr. Pooja Singh


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