In a bid to foster creative expression and enhance the teaching-learning experience, St. Edmund's School Jawahar Nagar recently organized a dynamic c. The workshop, held at the school premises, witnessed the participation of over 61 schools, creating a vibrant platform for educators to share insights and strategies.
The resource persons for the event were the esteemed Ms. Preeti Mathur, Principal of Kapil Gyanpeeth Mansarovar, and Ms. Anjali Jagdev, Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) from MGD School. Both educators brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the workshop, guiding the attendees through innovative approaches to integrate art into various subjects.
Ms. Preeti Mathur, shared her valuable perspectives on the significance of incorporating art into the academic curriculum. She emphasized how this integration can foster holistic development, enabling students to explore their creativity while grasping complex concepts more effectively.
Ms. Anjali Jagdev, enriched the workshop with practical insights into implementing art integration in the classroom. Her interactive sessions provided educators with hands-on activities and methodologies to make learning a more engaging and enjoyable experience for students.
The participating schools had the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and explore ways to seamlessly incorporate art into their teaching methodologies.
St. Edmund's School looks forward to hosting more such initiatives that contribute to the ongoing evolution of education.