In a remarkable display of artistic talent and creativity, students from St. Edmund's Jawahar Nagar have earned well-deserved recognition at the prestigious Camel Art Contest 2022. The school is beaming with pride as three of its talented young artists, Aditya Malik of Senior KG, Siddhi Agarwal, and Annu Suthar, both from the 7th grade, secured the coveted Appreciation Award at the zonal level.
Aditya Malik, a budding artist from Senior KG, showcased remarkable artistic finesse at such a tender age, while Siddhi Agarwal and Annu Suthar from the 7th grade displayed their remarkable talent and dedication to the art form.
In recognition of their outstanding achievements, the Academic Director of St. Edmund's Jawahar Nagar, Mrs. Meena Singh, extended her heartfelt appreciation to these gifted students. She lauded their commitment, creativity, and dedication to the art, emphasizing the importance of nurturing artistic talents alongside academic pursuits.