In a remarkable feat, Srishti Patel,Class V of St. Edmund's School,Jawahar Nagar has emerged as the winner of the prestigious Van Mahotsav Quiz organized by Heritage Education & Communication Services INTACH. Srishti's outstanding knowledge and passion for environmental conservation led her to secure the coveted 1st position in this highly competitive event.

The Van Mahotsav Quiz, held annually, aims to promote awareness about the importance of forests, biodiversity, and sustainable practices among students. The quiz witnessed enthusiastic participation from schools across the city, making Srishti's triumph all the more impressive.

With her exceptional grasp of environmental issues and dedication to preserving nature, Srishti Patel showcased her academic prowess and love for the environment throughout the competition. Her insightful answers and in-depth understanding of various ecological concepts captivated the judges and fellow participants alike.
Principal Mrs. Anu Bhatia lauded Srishti Patel's remarkable achievement in the Van Mahotsav Quiz, recognizing her as a source of pride and motivation for the school.