Jaipur's Jawahar Kala Kendra hosted a cultural event that highlighted the stories of Akbar and Birbal, the legendary duo of Mughal India. The event, showcased the wit and humor of Birbal and the wisdom and intelligence of Akbar.

The storytelling sessions were enjoyed by the students of St Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar, who were in attendance. The event featured stories that showcased Birbal's wit and humor, as well as his ability to find unique solutions to problems. They also highlighted Akbar's wisdom and intelligence, as well as his interest in learning from people of different backgrounds.
It also highlighted the enduring appeal of the stories of Akbar and Birbal, which have been passed down through generations and continue to inspire and entertain people of all ages.
Overall, the cultural event was a huge success and provided an opportunity to learn more about the stories of Akbar and Birbal, as well as to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of India.