To hone the importance of creativity and to enhance the knowledge the students of St. Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar participated in Phad se Padh project series (based on ART integration) Jaipur History Festival at City Palace, Jaipur.
Edmundites participated in Phad Vaachan as Lakshman & Parshuram samwad in Sita swayamvar which was beautifully depicted by Vansh Sanjwani ,Adhyatm Jagdhari, Nawraj Darjee,Khushi gogra,Vidhi Lakhpatani & Parul Gupta through reciting the ballads and poetries of glorious deities of Ramayan.
Students of St Edmund’s also played an active part in infographics & PDKF vocational skill manual.It was a good resource for all the participants.They got an opportunity to witness a phad painting & won applause for its creativity. A valuable art catering not only to art but also to get insight to Hindi Literature.
Students have also developed a skill based manual on Blue Pottery for grade 7 which has been approved by CBSE is also appreciated by Princess Gaurvi Kumari ji.She said a remarkable step towards learning. It will be shared in CBSE academics.