Students of St. Edmund’s School Jawahar Nagar visited Dr B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology to attend the Science workshop "Biotechniques 2022 - For New Born Scientist" organized for Biology students. Biotechnology is the life science, which generally deals with the study of living organisms. They learned about the applications of biology and other different techniques to change or modify products for specific human use.
Students attended various technical sessions such as DNA extraction from bacteria, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Visualisation of DNA bands by UV Transilluminator. Mr GS Bhati was apprised of various types of tests, practical experiments and the scope of different fields of Biotechnology.
It was a great and advanced learning experience for our students. They also got the opportunity to visit the Central Laboratory of Dr B Lal Clinical Laboratory Pvt Ltd.
School Principal Mrs Anu Bhatia motivated to participate in more and more such workshops and wished them good luck in future endeavours.