St Edmund’s School is always working to create cultural exchanges around the world, and it hosted several such exchanges in 2019. This year, French students had the opportunity to learn about India’s heritage, culture and history while participating in an exchange program at St. Edmund’s School,Jawahar Nagar. The students from France attended several special functions and events during their stay. The students took part in a Halloween competition where they got to show off their talents and socialize not only with the students of St. Edmund’s, but also with students of other schools in Jaipur. They also participated in the Edmunds Fest, where students and teachers of senior secondary ran various food stalls. The exchange students got the opportunity to try different foods of India, from traditional dishes to street food.
As a part of extracurricular activities, they also showed their talent of dancing along the bollywood songs in the Dance room and few of them also expressed their artistic abilities in the Art Lab where they were able to learn new techniques of painting with the help of our teachers.
They also visited various famous places connected to the heritage and history of the country like Birla Temple, Albert Hall Museum, Jantar Mantar and Amber Fort. The exchange program gave the Frenchs students the opportunity to interact with Indian culture and heritage first-hand, and they greatly enjoyed the experience.
Hopefully, such visits keep on happening often so that the delegates and children get the opportunity not only to strengthen their friendly bonds, but to also learn about the rich culture and heritage of each other’s countries.