On Tuesday 20th August 2019, Bimbawati Devi, the daughter of esteemed classical Manipuri dancer and dance exponents Guru Bipin Singh and Guru Kalavati Devi, performed in St. Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar in association with Spic Macay. Bimbawati Devi, after receiving her training at a very young age from her father went on to perform around the world in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and Australia, where her performance received critical acclaim.
Bimbawati Devi, the winner of various national and international awards was invited to perform in St Edmund’s to widen the horizons of young minds and cultivate an interest in the direction of various national art forms(Manipuri dance).
The presentation started with Ganesh Vandana followed by a series of performances like Ghana bari barikhata, Pung (Manipuri Mridang) Thang-Ta, Radha’s Roop Varnan and Tandava movements and Cholom Tandava movements beautifully mingling one with the other. It developed a sense of pride for the country’s innate art forms developed wholly in the country. The students experienced an international level performance full of intricate music and artistic style and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a splendid show that kept the audience spellbound throughout the performance.The programme was well anchored by the head of hindi department Ms Sharda Sharma.

School Joint Director Dr Pooja Singh and Principal, Mrs Anu Bhatia presented a memento to Bimbawati Devi Manipuri dance maestro and her accompanist S.Pramila Devi (vocalist) and S. Tomba Singh(pung- Manipuri Mridang) and Ivana sarkar(Accompanying artist)